This token will increase in value every week.

We will be starting with a selling price of 1 MintMe and relisting by with a selling price increase of 1 MintMe every week!

After our first week, we will begin placing a buy order for last week's Sell Price, doing this will keep our investors earning profit.

We will keep a flow of volume up by building our community and investing and building partnerships with other creators

By doing this we can all benefit from the increased price evaluations here on MintMe.

Utopian will be seeking partnerships with other active creators with a proposal of investment sharing and bringing our communities together!

Utopian is a software development company building a Text-Based MMORPG on the Blockchain, we have developed many investment-based games that pay players for playing!

Not only will we all make money together but once Utopian MMORPG releases you will able to use your Utopian from MintMe inside the game!

Investing in Utopian on MintMe will be giving you an incredible edge over the competition in the beginning worlds!



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